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Dr. Corey Johnson is the Associate Chair of Biology and a Teaching Professor at UNC Chapel Hill. He has created departmental labs for the Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab with focus on organ-level human structure and function. These labs are available for use as is or can be modified by Van-Griner Learning on the LabRight Anatomy & Physiology platform.

The lab manual can be adopted as is or can be customized to meet your course objectives. If you would like to customize the manual, we will manage the entire process including:

  • Providing you a list of additional labs to include
  • Customizing your materials
  • All models are also customizable
  • Adding other images
  • Integrating it into your LMS
  • Training all instructors on how to utilize the platform

Student progress & comprehension is easy to measure making intervention simple and effective.

Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab is the next generation in lab manuals. With student engagement at the forefront, the manual is fully customizable to meet your course objectives. The online manual, powered by LabRight, covers the basics of an A&P through the careful mixture of 2D & 3D models, with core guided content, digital resources, and a variety of assessment types. Excellent for use in hybrid setups or for in-person labs where preparation and grading can be done digitally. Other features of the manual include:

  • Integration into your school LMS
  • Affordable student price
  • Adding your own content
  • 20+ question types to select from
  • Completely set up for you

The manual also includes built-in study and homework tools.

Introduction to Anatomy
Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
The Brain
Cranial Nerves
Introduction to Osteology: Tissues and Organs of the Skeletal System
Axial Skeleton
The Skull
Appendicular Skeleton: The Upper Appendage
Appendicular Skeleton: The Lower Appendage
Myology and Overview of the Muscular System
Muscles of the Head and Neck
Axial Musculature
Muscles of the Upper Limb
Muscles of the Lower Limb
The Heart and Major Blood Vessels
The Respiratory System
The Digestive System
The Urinary System
The Reproductive System