General Cell Biology 160


Tacoma Community College | Custom Edition of OpenStax Biology 2nd Edition and OpenStax Concepts of Biology

Ken Cushman and Kim Harrington

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Introductory level basic cell biology text for health science majors.

Ken Cushman teaches Introductory Biology and Kim Harrington teaches both Introductory Biology and Anatomy and Physiology at Tacoma Community College.

Covers cell and molecular biology, genetics, and evolution. This is a text that is fully modified from the Openstax Biology and Introduction to Biology texts specifically to address the health-science majors requirements.

CHAPTER 1: The Study of Life
CHAPTER 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life
CHAPTER 3: Biological Macromolecules
CHAPTER 4: Cell Structure
CHAPTER 5: Plasma Membranes, Transport, and Enzymes
CHAPTER 6: How Cells Obtain Energy
CHAPTER 7: Photosynthesis
CHAPTER 8: Reproduction at the Cellular Level
CHAPTER 9: Patterns of Inheritance
CHAPTER 10: DNA Structure and Function
CHAPTER 11: Gene Expression
CHAPTER 12: Control of Gene Expression
CHAPTER 13: Evolution and Its Processes