Teacher Leadership for the 21st Century 5th Edition


Miami University | 5th Edition

Thomas S. Poetter


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Teacher Leadership for the 21st Century (Fifth Edition) addresses beginning teachers and their own power to act, from the very beginning of their careers, as leaders in schools and communities. Author Tom Poetter takes a first person approach to the challenges facing beginning teachers, including making a decision, for the right reasons, to teach in the first place, examining what is at stake and what the benefits are of devoting a life to teaching. The book explores the personal terrain of teaching, and how it is that beginning teachers and veterans can make their way forward professionally, examining complicated, challenging issues that face teachers in the classroom, in the community, in the teachers’ lounge, in the curriculum, in pedagogy, and in the home. More than just a textbook, Poetter’s narrative includes the voices of beginning teachers, their questions, struggles, and triumphs. This book is recommended as a core text for courses on teacher leadership, professional development, professional ethics, and as a strong introduction to students of teaching in the areas of curriculum and pedagogy, current educational issues, and approaches to teacher leadership.