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The exercises in Histology Laboratory Exercises: A Guide for Study of WebMic Specimens aids students in using WebMic to study 157 histological specimens with annotations and two forms of self-assessment on demand. This 9th edition eBook lab manual, the first in eBook format, includes thumbnails and a short video tour of each specimen to orient the student’s approach and study. Questions are placed strategically throughout the manual with correct answers available with just a click. In addition, the student can take notes and create flashcards.

The eBook is accessible over the Internet on multiple devices regardless of the platform: Mac or PC. It can be accessed directly over the Internet, downloaded to a hard drive, or downloaded onto a mobile device. It is intended to be used with WebMic, a free virtual microscopy interactive histology learning program available over the Internet in HTML5 format.

Students who have used the manual rate it as a must-have in learning practical histology:

  • The lab manual really helped me understand what I was looking at.
  • I think it’s important to have the extra information from the manual.
  • I was very impressed with how the video links were embedded in the manual.
  • The book did a great job going from a large picture to a small one.
  • I like the different magnifications because it reinforced cell types.
  • Those questions at the end of each section were super helpful in recalling structures and differences.
  • I enjoyed the video tours of each specimen. It forced me to look at the slides.